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Offer a comprehensive education deeply rooted in the Word of God.



Support students’ social and emotional growth while providing educational and career guidance.


Provide basic health and nutrition programs, which form the core of health services.


Develop discipline, confidence and creativity through music, art, chess, debate and spelling bees.


Provide access to technology for students and staff.

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Cultivate professional growth through staff development.


Provide scholarships for graduates to attend vocational, technical, high schools and universities.



Nurture local institutional leadership, parental involvement, and community engagement.


Hire, train and support teen interns to serve as mentors as they continue their own education.


I never had the opportunity to go to school to learn to read and write, but my dream was to see my son graduate from high school and university. My dream has come true.

— Celsa, mother of Darwin, HFH graduate and teacher of Christian Education

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