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Boy Defies all Odds to Get an Education

Meet Robin — an impoverished orphan that has found joy, purpose and faith through education.

Hope starts here.

In a place like La Entrada, poverty is extreme. It often forces many children to sacrifice an education and enter the workforce at an early age. Robin grew up in these conditions with his mother, Karla, and a little brother. But Karla — a spunky and tenacious woman — wanted something different for her son. She believed education was the key to escaping poverty.

She arose before the sun every morning, trekking into town to sell food and drinks to travelers at the bus terminal. After a few hours of work, she hiked back home to wake up Robin and get him dressed for school. Back down the long, winding road they traveled, venturing to the Hearts for Honduras School. Daily, after dropping Robin off, Karla returned back to work at the bus station. Karla knew educating her sons today promised them a better life tomorrow. It was not an easy life, yet Karla always had a smile on her face.

“Somehow, my son will have an education," Karla vowed.

In a flash, everything changed.

It was hot, drops of sweat dripped down commuters' faces as they waited for the bus. Karla stood nearby selling as usual. Off in the distance a truck barreled down the road, disregarding the road work signs. Road work turned the usually busy two lane road into a parking lot as a line of cars backed up. The truck driver approached. Realizing he would collide into another car, he veered sharply off the road. Chatting with a friend while selling food and drinks to morning commuters, Karla, unknowingly, was in harm’s way. She never saw him coming. And, in a flash, a mother was gone.

Hope springs up.

Karla's vision for her sons would have died with her — if not for the Hearts for Honduras Foundation and a grandmother committed to fulfilling her daughter's dreams. Robin and his brother now live with their grandmother, Maria. And Maria works tirelessly selling food on the street to ensure that her daughter's children obtain an education.

“Hearts for Honduras School is a refuge for Robin. For our entire family!" says Maria. "Karla is gone, but God gave us this school so we would not be alone."

Hope inspires dreams.

Robin has a new vision for his life. A vision for justice. A dream to serve and better his community. Today, Robin studies hard, participates in every opportunity to learn and helps his classmates with their studies. His is getting closer and closer toward his dream of becoming a police officer. He envisions bringing criminals — like the one who killed his mom — to justice.

Hope has hands.

With your help and sponsorship, students like Robin can gain an education, overcome extreme poverty and find purpose. Will you support us?


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