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Sponsor shares Christmas “bendiciones” (blessings)

By Judi Welch, Hearts for Honduras Sponsor


Although I have sponsored a child at HFH for many, many years, I am always sweetly surprised when I receive a “Feliz Pascua” or “Feliz Navidad” note from my student. It really feels like this child is part of my family. His or her drawings and notes get taped to the refrigerator right alongside those from my grandchildren.

My late husband, Jack Welch, was one of LCPC’s representatives on the early trips to La Entrada, planning and helping with the construction of the Hearts for Honduras School itself. It was clearly the natural next step for us to sponsor a student, and it was such a gift to be able to help in some small way each year.

The truth is, while the $34 per month to sponsor a student isn’t a large amount by US standards. However, it has a huge impact on the young recipients — enabling them a pathway out of poverty through education, support and life skills guidance.

One Christmas I gave each of my children’s families the gift of a sponsorship. It was exciting for my grandchildren to receive the picture of “their” student, and quite eye-opening as they learned about life in La Entrada. They now are more aware of the many blessings (bendiciones) they have that they didn’t even think about previously.

I recently received my first note from 2nd grader Vivian. It's heartening to hear her excitement as she writes about her favorite subjects in school, and humbling that she wishes “bendiciones” for me at the end of the note!

What a privilege to serve others through the Sponsor a Student program. In Jack’s memory, in honor of Vivian and all of the children in La Entrada who hunger for an education, I pray the blessings just keep multiplying!

Judi Welch


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